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Imagine Imagination

(3-5 minute read)

“It’s a dinosaur, and this is his home, and he’s gunna jump out of the hurricane over there, and then you gotta do this with your hands to hide him from the volcano and wooooshhh!!” – Xander, age 5.

It’s so easy to speak child inside my imagination.  That’s why I love hangin’ with kiddos.  They speak imagination all the time.  They’ll challenge how much time you can actually spend in reality when it comes to play, when it comes to adventure, when it comes to day-to-day reality.  They dream well.  I think the secret is simply they do it often.

When kids look at the world around them it’s like ingredients for a fun adventurey recipe. 

It’s nice to know the potential everything could have when you open up to it. 

When it comes to the question of how they create so well in dream language I think it’s simply said they don’t believe they shouldn’t. 

It’s no fun not to. 

It’s best to let imagination run rampant.

I think we’re most human when we let our imagination lead the way.

Imagination is the conceptive moment of creation.  Before anything was, it was first imagined.  For anyone who wants to do anything, imagination is quite vital, even if it’s as simple as imagining what it’d be like to cook spaghetti for dinner.

When I really like someone, I love finding out the odd ways they think.  The ways their brain processes things much different than mine.  It’s so important, so valuable, so helpful to me growing.  When I wanted to get into business I spent a lot of time learning how successful people think.  When I wanted to get into a creative mindset, I’ve spent a lot of time helping with my church’s youth group learning how kids think.  It’s safe to say they always take the path that’s the most fun, with little regard for insecurities, or failure, or injury.  They’re impulsive that way.  They’re free that way also.

To say they’re made for freedom,

Might imply that freedom has reservations,

Rather than that freedom is where it all begins.

To say ‘they’re so creative’

Is to close our door of owning that identity ourselves.

I think it’s better to say they wear freedom the best.  To say that they don’t shy away from creating a new possibility for the problems they face.

Pure imagination is your thoughts void of fear.

Weird thought right?  Well, all of our thoughts are influenced from the way we perceive reality.  When thinking of a possible solution to a problem- like a big problem- like the ‘what should I do with my life type of problem’ I think, much more often than not, we have that answer already inside of us.  I think there’s something that’s touched all of our souls at some point in our lives, and if we allowed our imagination to run down all that thing’s possibilities, with vigor, and courage, and we could image ourselves boldly proclaiming that reality, it’d manifest much easier than if we were to sheepishly walk around the edges of that pool before slowly dipping our toes.  Imagination is the place where we can quickly, and boldly, jump into the best of everything that could be.  Should be.  Might actually, truly, will be.

Imagination provides a place for fun, it also is a key element to assuage conflict in our day-to-day lives.  (I used that word because not only is it fitting, it also has ‘sausage’ in it.  It does not mean sausage.)  I think the term ‘out-side the box’ has been beaten so badly it’s often forgotten what the box even is.  More often than not the box is simply the problem, and the limitations it brings, and to get outside of it well, just imagine a door.  The box is our confines, and more often than not it’s anxiety itself, if it’s not also adding to the anxiety we’re currently dealt.

Anxiety: when expectation does not meet reality. 

When the narrative we wish to live inside of, dream of being a part of, position ourselves the best we can to receive, does not look like what we’re confronted with on the day-to-day hustle.

Imagination: the bridge we create between problem and solution.

It’s the practicality of imagination I’m shooting at here, writing to you about, beckoning you to try out, coaxing you towards buying, it’s one of the best investments you could buy with your brain.  There’s many articles already written about the functional ways imagination improves your life, finances, creativity, problem solving skills, memory, etc.  They’re done by people who’ve spent much more time and effort researching this than me.

There’s also books and articles about improving your imagination, my two favorite ways are exercise, and trying new things (adventure).  

Still, I’m just here to say, imagination is fun. 

It brings joy into your life, and I’m solely in the market of selling joy.  Imagination is one of my favorite keys to unlocking joy.  It doodles on the face of adversity, and draws a better picture.  It’s the possible start, and currently I’m imaging a world where things that improve life are marketed much more than things which simply move money around an economy.  Einstein quite literally said ‘Imagination is everything’, he said it was ‘more important than knowledge’.  I think a person who’s embraced the freedom of imagination is one of the most honored and admired character traits I’ve seen in our culture, and this belief has only been strengthened as I’ve researched people’s stance on imagination, and come to find history’s most influential people have stood firmly on the power imagination holds.

Imagination is audacious in nature, and we would love to see ourselves as valiant in the face of opposition.

Pursue imagination: your thoughts void of fear.  Void of impossibilities, and overloaded with possible. 

Imagine realities full of joy, imagine solutions to the problems of your surroundings.  Imagine the very real and possible start to the best version of your story, and then start, and keep going till it’s finished.  That’s what I’ve hyped up here for you Reader, that’s what I’m writing to you about.  Imagine a week full of imagination, and let it begin now.