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Communicate Community.

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“I love inside jokes, I wish to someday be a part of one.”

There are few characters as well written as Michael Scott from the office.  There are a lot of things he does well, and there’s a lot of things he doesn’t, but I think his character hits on something truly amazing, the power of community.

I honestly could make this whole blog post about the way his leadership puts community over competition or basically every other logical thing, every time he’s faced with a choice again and again.  Reader, with great restraint, I’ll refrain though. 

Community is the ecosystem you were built for. 

There’s no promise land anymore, Reader, your promise land is a people group.  What I mean by this is that your biggest dream, your greatest longing is going to be fulfilled inside of a group of people.  It will not exist away from humanity.

I can hear those few people who simply ‘wish to be alone off the grid away from people forever and ever’ and to that I simply say you’re lying, you’ve got a bigger dream inside of you, and you were definitely, without a doubt, made for more.

 I’m sorry to inform you of this if you’re a bit jaded on humanity. 

Or your stance might be ‘no it’s not a people group, my promise land/ biggest dream is to be a world touring singer/celebrity/movie star’ well…You’re platform of a celebrity is entirely dependent on your ability to speak to a massive people group. 

I’m not writing this to sell you on going after a people group, though, Reader, I’m writing this to tell you what happens inside of an amazing one.

Depending on what psychologist you ask, there’s somewhere between six and nine fundamental internal needs for humans, some of the core ones that I’ve seen constantly repeated is, validation, connection, and attention.  Yup, we all need attention.  So all the people we see ‘desperate for attention’ posting on social media, actually are in an experience something like staring internally for something they were made to need. 

Reader, I understand that there are both ways in which people can both violate and exceptionally meet these needs we experience; however, when we are inside of a group of people who help us abide inside of these we will grow bigger than we’d ever expect, run fast and farther than ever before, and hold on through adversity much longer, with more tenacity, than we’d ever expect to see ourselves manifest.  There’s a song called ‘Little Giant’ by Roo Panes, where the chorus goes:

‘You made me run like I’d never run,

Try like I had never tried,

Fight like had never fought,

Made me want it.’

That right there is the power of a true community, of a true group of friends.  If you haven’t found that yet in your life, I promise it exists, the best way to find it is keep following after what you want most in life, and you’ll find others going in the same direction, and it’s my biggest prayer that you’re divinely guided into that exact reality where it exists.  As always, Reader, I pray you’re loving well and being loved greatly.  As the song encourages, ‘start small, grow tall.’ 

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