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Belong to the promise.

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The power of promise and learning to trust yourself: Belonging to the promise. Okay let’s break it down and do this!

First off the statement, or suggestion, that we’re going to cover ‘learning to trust ourselves’ might seem a bit odd, because if there’s one person who we’d never expect to betray us, it’s ourselves; however, Reader, I’ve betrayed myself time in and time out, over and over again, it’s maddening. 

When I say betray myself, let me explain.  I’m not saying I checked myself into a high stakes blackjack tournament, and then somehow sold my wining hand to the mobster playing across from me, to then in turn betray myself to a life of working off an obscene amount debt to the gangsters that are now after my head if I fail to pay.

No, I mean I’ve betrayed myself every time I say ‘okay, I’m going to get up an hour early to do that thing’.  And I can imagine you’re laughing along with me at that sentence, Reader, as I’m sure you’ve experienced that failed expectation of waking up early for yourself.   Or better yet, starting that diet that you failed, or all the nights you expected to set aside studying for that one test- or the countless other things there are to dedicate to starting, and then failing to accomplish.  

I’m sure at some point, you have been your own arch nemesis of the story where you progressively overcome some obstacle set before.  It’s okay.  We’ve all been there.  It’s life, things will get in our way, surprises will happen, and at some point, life will throw you a curve ball and your expectations will be pretty disappointed.

We’re not here to complain about life though.  We’re here to combat our credibility with the concept of a personal promise.  I’ve heard it referred to as a ‘power promise’, a ‘daily do’, but the functionality is the same however you chop it: a daily thing you dedicate to doing in order to build credibility and integrity with yourself. 

Now the heart breaking part of this is that I know so many people who are really good at being there for others, at showing up early to help out, at being on call the moment there’s a need for someone else, they go above and beyond when it comes to another person, but they leave themselves high and dry, and eventually they crash and burn because they don’t know how to be there for themselves. 

Yep, keeping a simple promise to yourself, requires you to love yourself, look out for yourself, and show up when you said you’d be there.  It’s a commitment, but it’s a simple and easy one.  The magic happens from building reputation, and repeating it daily. 

Examples are drinking your daily amount of water needed, dedicating to only diet soda, reading your bible every day, spending fifteen minutes in silence to think or meditate clearly, or spending fifteen minutes a day watching something funny to flood your life with some joy, the task is supposed to be simple, because every day you’re supposed to engage in an event that reminds yourself that you’re someone who does what they say they will do- even when you’re the only one who’s looking.

This is an investment, but the payout is crazy.

It builds confidence, and self-worth, it helps you take on bigger and bigger tasks, because you know you’re able to do so.  It builds a sturdy foundation to stack things on top of. 

At the end of the day it’s the question of ‘could I have done anything better to have fixed the outcome’ I’ve never wanted to answer with ‘yes, if I had ____’ everything would have turned out better.  It’s also one of the major reasons I’ve dropped out of college.  When I experienced how things turned out after I dedicated fully to them I couldn’t go back to something I wasn’t able to meet with the same energy, excellence, or drive. 

You were made for love and to be loved, and should you allow yourself to love yourself fully you’ll also experience what it’s like to function and perform better than ever expected, because love always out does simple performance, and expectation. 

It might seem like a jump to go from ‘promise keeping’ to ‘you better love yourself’, but there are certain things love will always do, and if you would do it for someone you love dearly, the question hangs: why not do it for yourself also?

As always, what I hope to leave you with, Reader, is the belief in yourself, the belief that you are enough to go after your biggest dreams, and achieve the deepest desires of your heart, and one of those vital actions you’ll need is to believe in yourself, and building integrity with yourself is one of the sure fire ways to do so.  Belong to the process, Reader, and the product will be amazing.