Who started this party?

Well, the guy who decide to throw this party, is the guy writing everything you’ve read, and orchestrated all you’ve seen so far. My name is Elijah, and this becomes real for me, in the life time I’ve spent battling depression, and fighting for self-worth and allowing myself to see myself as someone worthy of love.

Once I told a person, really stuck in a mess, that their actions didn’t define them. The pain, and discomfort, in their voice, still seems fresh, when their response was simply: ‘then what does?’.

I think our response to love is actually what defines us.

I know it’s defining me more and more every day as the person I want to be, as I continue, more and more, to choose love greatly (or extremely poorly) every day, with the strong desire to both love, and be loved, very, very, well.