Let’s Grow In Love.

    The reason for Loved People is to promote our best solution to a life spent void of purpose, fulfillment, and worth. As the pen got put to paper original drafts started off seeking to be cause orientated:

    • Combating human trafficking
    • Fighting against the overwhelming suicide statistic
    • Rehabilitating people trapped in drug addiction

    However, a commonality arose the more I learned about any of these: the need for love, fulfillment, and purpose. With the belief that “everyone’s purpose is to love and be loved,” and we are only fulfilled inside of our purpose, then if there is ever going to be a real change to the corruption in the world around us, there needs to be a change inside of us, which starts with real, authentic, love.

    Simply put we’re a company selling the message of authentic, healthy, love. We are founded under the two beliefs.

    1. Every single person’s purpose is to love and be loved, therefore everyone is- without a doubt- worthy of love.
    2. Everyone is capable of doing extreme good to the world around them.

    Okay, so we’re selling this message of authentic, healthy, love.


    And why clothing?

    Clothing is not our end it’s our start, because love starts with YOU. What you wear, what you embrace, and share with the world, comes from a place of who you say you are. You see: “Loved people, love people.” And we want to see people loving people.

    Everything we do, every person’s story we share, everything we create, is geared towards one of two things:

    1. Growing things that make self-love sustainable
    2. Calling out, and coming against anything that stops the first thing from happening.

    If you wear something you’ve purchased from this store I hope it’s a reminder to yourself that you’re so worthy of love.  A reminder that you are so beautifully built, and so capable of succeeding in your deepest desires. That your best versions of life starts with you. No matter what, and absolutely everywhere you go, you’re gonna show up with yourself, so you might as well fall in-love with the person that you are.

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    Showing all 3 results